La Red ARaymond Información

Date : 06.07.17 | Theme : Automotive

What will tomorrow’s fuel connectors look like? An example with the FlagLOCK®

OEMs know this for a fact: the more you look at the small parts, the further you can take cost optimization. As this is becoming more obvious, engineers are increasingly paying attention to parts such as fuel connectors. What do they see? That connectors designed differently can make a solid difference, in particular when it comes to assembly quali… [+]

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Agriculture

ARaymond set to expand the Easy Clip family in 2017

2017 is an exciting year for ARaymond*. In addition to launching the Easy Clip 14mm for cucumber plants, the company will also be debuting a new fastening solution for tomatoes, the Easy Clip 26mm. Bigger than the Easy Clips which are currently available, the Easy Clip 26mm has been specifically designed by the ARaymond R&D team for growers of … [+]

Date : 05.29.17 | Theme : Industrial

Why part reduction entices engineers

Increased strength, higher temperature performance, more versatility or even tool-free: the range of new design features we have developed is large. Among the most commonly requested features is compactness. Of course it can be achieved by reducing the dimensions of a given model, but a valuable solution sometimes also lies in part reduction, by co… [+]

Date : 03.30.17 | Theme : Agriculture

El Easy Clip de 14mm - una solución de ARaymond a medida para el mercado de los pepinos

Este año, ARaymond* lanzará su última solución de fijación, el Easy Clip de 14 mm para pepinos, que se unirá a los otros productos de la gama Easy Clip. ARaymond creó este práctico clip de 14 mm como respuesta a las solicitudes de los productores de pepinos de un producto más … [+]

Date : 03.09.17 | Theme : Truck, Automotive

How resident engineers make a difference

This is no secret; partnership means a lot in answering a client’s needs. Among the various ways ARaymond* chooses to make this partnership is that of resident engineers. We’ve been talking with Kevin Wendelken, resident engineer at a large OEM’s Engineering Centre in the UK for more than ten years, to get to the gist of how it ma… [+]

Date : 03.02.17 | Theme : Agriculture

ARaymond muestra con éxito sus nuevos productos en la Feria Fruit Logistica

Uno de los eventos más importantes del año para la industria de los productos frescos, es la Feria anual Fruit Logistica que se celebra en Berlín. Fruit and Logistica es el principal evento europeo de productos frescos que reúne a más de 2000 expositores de todos los sectores del negocio de los productos agr&iacut… [+]