New opportunities for ARaymond Energies at the World Future Energy Summit

Date : 02.14.17 | Theme : Energies

In January 2017, ARaymond Energies* attended the 10th edition of the World Future Energy Summit fair in Abu Dhabi.  This was the first time that ARaymond attended the show as an exhibitor, and with over 30 000 attendees from all over the world it was the ideal occasion for the team to introduce ARaymond™ fastening solutions to a new market.

Innovative products

During the four-day summit, the ARaymond Energies booth with its innovative products generated a lot of interest among visitors to the fair. The international ARaymond team met with associates from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan as well as delegations from several North African and sub-Saharan countries.

A unique concept

The new ARaymond™ PowAR Cinch™ clip was among one of the most talked about products amongst visitors to the booth. A unique concept, the PowAR Cinch™ clip allows for the fast, safe and easy ground mounting of solar installations within the energy sector.

Emerging solar market

As well as a showcase for the ARaymond™ solutions, the Energy summit also provided the ARaymond team with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the emerging solar industry in the MENA region. Thanks to the networking and business events organized during the summit, ARaymond Energies is now looking forward to creating strategic partnerships with local players in the renewable energy sector.

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